Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Springtime in the Midwest, Now is the Time to Waterproof

With all the swings in the weather, now is the perfect time to waterproof your basement, parking garage, retaining wall, etc. The Great Lakes Waterproofing Method works from outside preventing water from getting through your walls. With all of the expansion and contraction of materials built up outside your wall, water is being forced at up to 500 pounds per square inch into your basement. Our system injects hydroclay into the soil which fills the voids and small cracks in your walls....once injected it absorbs water and expands like a sponge eventually turning into a permanent, flexible barrier against moisture. Unlike other methods, we use all natural materials as specified by the National Institute Of Science making us one of the very few Green Waterproofing Methods. Used in thousands of installations including tunnels, manholes, dams, ponds, dumps, our method has proven itself time and time again.

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