Friday, February 8, 2008

Fixing Hollow Basement Floors

One of the benefits of the Great Lakes Waterproofing Process is that it fills in voids that would otherwise fill with water or become home to critters. In addition to waterproofing vertical walls, our process can also be used to fill in voids under your basement floor.
Over time the base beneath your basement floor might slowly "wash" away leaving the floor with a hollow thump when you walk over it. We see (or hear) this quite a bit in older houses. Once the foundation underneath the floor is gone the concrete has more of a tendency to crack without the support.
Using our Hydroclay Injection Process we drill holes through the basement floor and pump underneath the floor filling the voids with our expanding clay. In addition to providing support to the floor it also plugs up passages used by unwanted critters, including rats and mice, that might have taken up refuge. The injection holes are filled with mortar and the process is complete.


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